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About my photography

Milton Abbey in April snowI became interested in digital photography when I bought my first
computer in 1998. The camera was part of the package with the computer, since then I haven't looked back! The camera was an Agfa and it was one of the first digital cameras at 1 megapixels I thought it was the bees-knees. Looking back at the photos now they look really poor quality but it was a fun introduction to digital imaging, image manipulation and computers.

I have added a photo of Milton Abbey that I took with the Agfa camera in April 1999, yes we had snow! Even as a small image the quality is not very good, but it set me on the road to my enjoyment of photography.

I bought a better quality camera a little while later, when I realised
the fun that could be gained from taking photos and being able to
process and send them by email within minutes of taking them.

Having checked out the specs at the time I bought an Olympus 2.1 megapixel camera, which served me well and I was pleased with the quality of the photos.

I upgraded to my first Digital SLR, a Canon 300D which allowed me to become more creative. I now own a Canon 7D Mark 2 DSLR digital with a few lenses and accessories. I am now enjoying taking photos and my camera goes wherever I do. I am always looking for suitable subjects for images but the ones I most enjoy taking are landscapes particularly in the mornings and evenings plus animals and nature in general. I put many of my images on Flickr.

Learning Photography

In 2007 I took the a short course (12 weeks) with the Open University T189 Digital Photography: Creating and Sharing Better Images which introduced many new things from using my camera and taking better pictures and sharing them with other students on the course, to the final portfolio which was the end of course assignment.

If like me you were starting out in digital photography this course was a good introduction to the world of photography and how to get the most out of your camera.

I am now an active member of the Blandford Camera Club and enjoy the talks, competitions and tips on taking photos, they have a regularly updated website and in March 2014 I gained a Licenciate distinction with the Royal Photographic Society of which I am proud of

When I get the chance and can afford it I like to go on Photography workshops, these are usually for a whole day and some I have been on are Landscape, Long exposure masterclass and even all night photography in London. I was also lucky to go on a weeks photo tour of the West Coast of Ireland. More can be found on my dedicated photography website