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Why did I start in Family History?

George Peddle, wife and daughter

My interest in our Family History began in 1996 after my father (Clifford) died when we found an old photograph in his personal belongings. It was a postcard sent to George Peddles son serving in the First World War. His son was also called George and sadly he was killed at Passchendaele in 1917. The postcard was of George his wife and daughter. George the elder had emigrated to Tazmania in 1884 and he became a well known chairmaker and businessman.

Through my enquires about George Peddle I was put on contact with a gentleman who was very interested in the story of George and his family. It soon became obvious through several letters and emails that he knew far more about our family history (not just George Peddle) than we did! So I have spent some time on the World Wide Web learning as much as I can. I have also been going through all the old photographs I can find trying to find out more about them with the help of my mother. It’s becoming quite addictive and I must say I’m enjoying it.

I think the thing that mainly stands out for me is the fact that so many of my family were chairmakers, I didn’t know till now that I was following a long family tradition For whatever reasons our branch of the family never visited the rest of the family very much and I have very few memories of my relations (we are a funny old lot!). But I am hoping through Marilyn’s website I might meet a few more, you never know! My cousin Eric has already found this site and made contact through email, that’s a really good start to what’s becoming a very interesting adventure.

Rod Peddle