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The Peddle Family

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Rod is building a Family Tree for the Peddle Family, and he has already been successful in tracing his ancestors a fair way back.

Peddle Family 1939

He has been helped in this as one of his Great Uncles, George Peddle, has become quite famous in Tasmania for his chairs and they have become antiques, which is quite exciting. So there has been interest in the Peddle family because of this.

Rod himself took his apprenticeship in chairmaking E F Brown's High Wycombe before moving to Dorset and being adopted by the locals!

For many years before that High Wycombe has been synominous with high quality furniture.

His father was an upholsterer for many years at Birch Brothers besides others. He also served in the Second World war. We are sure that the chair making and furniture trade goes far back in Rod's families ancestry which we hope to prove as we check out the Peddle family line.