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Why did I start in Family History?

My interest in genealogy started when cruising the internet I searched for Arthur MEAKER (my paternal grandfather), I found an Arthur MEAKER in Somerset, he certainly looked like my grandfather and I knew my grandfather was from Somerset; it was not until I searched in more depth, this Arthur had never married and was a church warden in Fiddington for many years. This man was not my grandfather! Because of the physical resemblance I decide to pursue things further. Through research I found this Arthur was my grandfather’s cousin. From this my interest in family history was formed. What a journey which will continue for many years and years!

I thought the family were all from Somerset and Dorset and had never really moved farther a field so restricted my searches to this area until one day for fun I tried the newly formed Ellis Island site – what a surprise seven of cousin Arthur’s brothers had come to the US in the early 1900s quite possibly due to depression in the farming industry, the size of the family and therefore little hope of inheriting the farm. What an adventurous group of young men – however I tracked descendants (through US White pages on the internet) and had the good fortune to meet some last May in Colorado, giving me stories and more family names to add to my growing family knowledge. People I never knew existed the previous year!

I have discovered the family is scattered all over the world, Canada, US, South Africa and Australia; there is one thing in common and that is their roots are in Somerset soil; many still in the agricultural business.

What started as simply searching the internet has now turned into a lifelong hobby (obsession).