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These pages contain information on the Meaker family.

My sister, Christine who lives in Calgary Canada, has been doing the research. There is an article Christine wrote for a magazine, "Why did I start in Family History?", which explains her passion for Family History.

Our family in 1953

We are putting some of her research findings here so we hope it may help other people who are interested in the Meaker family. Of course if you could help us with any information we would be very pleased to here from you.

We were born near Durweston, Dorset in England in the late 1940's to early 50's. Dad worked for his father on the farm called Traveller's Rest.

The Meaker's also owned a number of farms in Somerset and we have some information on these on the Farm connections page.

Our family can be traced back to Somerset and further. Rod and I have visited Somerset in recent years and we have taken photographs of villages and their churchyards which have Meaker connections. Have a look at our
Meaker Gallery.

Christine has also written a summary of her findings so far which she has called From Under the Gooseberry Bush. Number 1 was written in 2004, Number 2 in November 2005, Number 3 January 2007, Number 4 in 2008 and her latest edition Number 5 in early 2009.

Christine believes she has found the possible origins of the Meaker family name, the details are on our Origins page.

Fiddington ChurchIn May 2007 Christine wrote an article for the Friends of Fiddington Church Association Newsletter on the Meakers of Fiddington, Somerset. I have replicated the article on this website. It gives a lot of information on what happened to the large family of Fiddington Meakers, where they travelled and what happened to them.

There are photographs of Fiddington village, which were taken in recent years on our Photo Gallery pages.

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