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January 2008 - Number 4

Another year has past and I hope everyone is well. I am still no nearer finding the parents of Edward Meaker's, however I will continue to search. I still am unable to find the link with the "Martock Meakers". This has not stopped my search in other directions and it is either feast or famine - information seems to come all at once which results of piles of papers on my desk marked with various names, and I love it - the information mean!

Archie and Trudy Meaker (Gertrude Ida Burr)
Archie and Trudy Meaker (Gertrude Ida Burr)

A chance meeting in Calgary found friends of Archie Meaker's grandson - although I did not meet Scott, I have been told he visits Calgary every so often. The same week I received an email through this web site of another of Archie's grandchildren, who lives in Washington State. From her I have much information, photographs and relatives have been reconnected through the research. That alone makes all this work worthwhile.

In February of 2007 I was asked by Michael Hill of Fiddington to write an article about the "Meakers of Fiddington" for their Friends of Fiddington magazine. It was a job I enjoyed, and great to put the knowledge together in an organized form. I can forward copies of the article on request, or on this site - Meakers of Fiddington.

In October I was fortunate in going to England (Dorset) for two weeks visiting my family; but with Somerset so close, Marilyn and Rod took me into Meaker country (NE Somerset) for the day. We visited Fiddington and met people who knew the Meakers - it was wonderful to see where they lived and played as young children. Middlezoy brought the same reaction seeing the surrounding countryside and the old mill site where Ira worked and to have gone on the same path he had for many years from the village to the mill. Needless to say many photos were taken of the churches and gravestones. Again I am willing to forward information and photos on request - although Marilyn has better quality photos on this website in the Photo Gallery.

I stayed in the village (Durweston) where I was born and saw the school I attended - fifty years ago it had the old coke burning stove and I don't think electricity, now there is a computer lab and I am sure central heating. I was glad to see the integrity of the building remained as I recognized many of the features. The classrooms seemed smaller but then again the last time I saw them I was much smaller myself and everything seemed "big"! It was the same with Travellers Rest Farm, although the crops were different and are more for today's market than the agriculture of the post war years of the fifties.

Henry William and Dennis Meaker, circa 1927 Hyde Farm, Dorset


Henry William and Dennis Meaker, circa 1927 Hyde Farm, Dorset

If you have more information or would like to find out more on our family contact Christine on her email for Meaker and connected families research