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January 2007 - Number 3

I did not realize when I started writing these articles what an impact they were making; I received several questions "are you not doing The Gooseberry Bush this year?" Here, I have been thinking they go straight into recycling!

Meaker research has now spread to families of the brothers and sisters and people who married into the family. John Meaker born 1773, (grandfather to Henry Albert and Joseph Meaker) married Betty Barnstable whose family I have managed to trace back to 1601 all in Somerset. I am still trying to link up with the many Meakers who hail from Martock only a few miles away.

At a recent remembrance service at the local Seniors Club I read Merrill Meaker’s letter to his mother written in 1945 whilst he was serving in the USAF during WW2. This made me think of doing an article on Meakers and families who have, and are, serving their country. I have several names and interesting stories and WOULD LOVE to receive more information about the more recent members even if it just the service number. The Barnstables (mentioned above) fought in the Battle of Sedgemoor in 1650 I still have to find Meakers but I am sure they were there as it was on neighbouring land and it is not like Meakers to shirk their duty. I know that Judge Jeffries (the famous hanging judge) at the Dorchester Assizes did not hang any Meakers for treason but it is said many changed their names so that their employers would not know. We must have been a good bunch as I cannot find any who were transported in the 1800's. (No one has found out about my kicking Blandford Bridge in the 60's hoping to get a free passage to the colonies!)

Henry Meaker working at Travellers Rest FarmI am certainly enjoying the work on Travellers Rest farm nr. Blandford as this was where I was born and spent my early years.

I have also started work on Brian's side of the family - his family hailed from London and many records were destroyed in the Blitz so I have to use other more time consuming means for the information. Ironically even though living in the heart of London I have found one of his ancestors looked after horses for deliveries. Even that side of the family was into agriculture!

Similarly with my mothers' family - my granddad was born in a small village in Scotland in the early 1900’s and most of the family were from the Borders - my uncle now has email and can fill me in with some clues as where to look. Thank you Uncle Tom. The number of Henrys, Johns and Roberts in all our families - family history is not a job to do when tired.