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November 2005 - Number 2

Well another year has passed and it seems very little progress was made with family research, however on reflection progress was made!

The journey into the depths of the Meaker Family History has become more spread out – although I cannot get beyond Edward Meaker born between 1731 and 1751 born in Long Load, Somerset. I have found Meakers born earlier in Martock, Somerset but have yet to make a connection. Anyone out there who can help with this? !

My father William HENRY Meaker visited Calgary for almost 2 months in April, Janet (Dad’s sister) and her husband David came for a short while. We had many interesting conversations all taped to be entered soon. Dad and I visited Frank and Irish Meaker in Montrose, Colorado and met a wonderful family, until just over a year ago we didn’t even know existed.  As well as seeing faces, Irish was a font of information giving me so many names and stories. We also saw places Frank’s father helped develop in the valley. Thank you everyone for a very memorable trip.

The Meakers were a very adventurous family, travelling and eventually settling all over the US, and various parts of the world, including searching for gold in Alaska. Much of this information is from “Nevada Desert Sheepman” written by Reginald Meaker as told to Sessions S. Wheeler and Gerald Meaker (son of Henry and Pauline) Gerald won the Guggenheim Book award in 1976 after writing “ The Revolutionary left in Spain” in 1974.

I have made contacts with many new people, the most interesting person being a descendant of Mary Eliza Meaker, sister of Henry Albert. Mary Eliza kept family records which were passed to her descendants. I am waiting further information.