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From Under the Gooseberry Bush

November 2004 - Number 1

By Christine Poole (Meaker)

When I was a young child I was told all babies came from under the gooseberry bush. Hence the title – we all came from under the gooseberry bush!

Our family 1954

My interest in genealogy started when cruising the internet I searched for Arthur Meaker (my paternal grandfather) and found an Arthur Meaker in Somerset, he certainly looked like my grandfather and I knew my grandfather was from Somerset; it was not until I searched in more depth, this Arthur never married and was Church Warden in Fiddington for many years. This man was not my grandfather! Because of the physical resemblance I decided to pursue things further. So my interest in finding my family history was formed. What a journey, this involved my sister Marilyn and her husband roaming Somerset graveyards, taking photos and sending information. Through research I found my grandfather was this Arthur’s cousin.

On my journey I have met many wonderful people loaded with information beyond the names and dates of genealogy: Frank and Irish Meaker, Kathy Kennedy of Montrose, Colorado; Pat Meaker, daughter- in- law to Edgar Meaker who in partnership with his brother Benjamin Meaker owned Meakers Ltd. Recently, I made contact with Mark Heward Meaker grandson of Reginald Meaker. Reginald wrote the book "Nevada Desert Sheepman" which gave a powerful insight into life in the family in the early 1900’s. Steve Dinham,  a wonderful resource for information on the Dinhams who married into the family. I must also mention my Aunt Janet and my father William HENRY Meaker, who are constantly getting letters and phone calls "can you tell me about…..?" and always giving me extra
As always I apologize for any one I have forgotten – I am grateful to you all.
I am currently working on trying to find descendants of another Reginald Meaker b. Shapwick 1884. He was one of my grandfather's brothers. There are also several sisters, I have only recently obtained their married names so will also be working on that.

Another major project – which is a "needle in a haystack" and that is to find the Meaker Family Bible – it is said to have been sold at Wimborne Market (UK) in the early 60's along with other family treasures. I have posted on several Bible web sites and will be placing ads in the local newspapers; I certainly hope the searching is fruitful.

The family is scattered all over the world, Canada, US, South Africa and Australia; there is one thing in common and that is their roots are in Somerset soil; many still in the agricultural business. Recently I heard from a long lost cousin Davina in Australia; this was through Marilyn’s web site.

Anyone wishing information on various family groups or people only need ask and I will mail them and PLEASE if you have any snippets of information, do not hesitate to contact me.