The Peddle Family...Genealogy

Introduction to our Family Trees

Henry & Dennis Meaker as children

The interest in Genealogy came about through my sister Christine. She is researching the Meaker family history from her home in Calgary, Canada and doing all the hard work.

Rod and myself are doing the groundwork visiting sites in Somerset and Dorset. It's great fun for us, packing a picnic in the summer and touring Somerset and Dorset villages the farms and churches, walking where our ancestors have walked! While we are there we take photographs and gather any useful information and we have been lucky to meet some interesting people who take the time to talk to us on our travels.

Through my sister's enthusiasm Rod has become interested in his own family and has some interesting information on the Peddle family. He was born in High Wycombe and comes from a line of furniture makers and he took an apprentiship in chairmaking. He is trying to trace his family back to Somerset where he believes the family originated from.

Useful Genealogy links

Here are some websites we have found useful, they may help in your family research.