The Peddle Family...Dorset

Our Garden

The beginnings

Back garden in 1998

One my favourite pastimes and passions is gardening, I am gradually converting Rod to the idea as well!

I would like to share with you some of the trials and tribulations of creating our new garden in our home.

We bought the house we are living in now in 1998. and moved into the house in 2000. The house had not been lived in for a little while and there was a lot to do to get it to how we wanted it. Our first priority was the inside decoration so the garden had to wait, although the grass still grew and had to put kept under control. Much of our time was spent working inside the house, which we did ourselves, in between going to work and my Open University studies.

Rod having a bonfire in the garden

The garden was a completely blank canvas, down to grass at the back and front and with a very tatty privet hedge at the front. There weren’t any shrubs or plants worth keeping, so there was no real dilemma on what we should keep. I wanted a mixed garden, an old fashioned garden with cottage garden perennials and a vegetable garden. Slowly in the last few years the garden is beginning to evolve into what we wish it to be. No quick fixes like the television programmes, just developing over time and changing as we think of new ideas.

Gargage sections on trailer

We would like to share with you our progress so far and hopefully what we do in the future.

Our first task was to get some groundwork in before the garden was considered. Rod wanted a garage come workshop and that had to be built before we moved as he needed somewhere for his tools etc. Rod designed and built it himself making it in kit form and bringing it in sections to the house ready to build on site. Once the garage was in place the garden could be designed around it.

We have tended to do an area at a time rather than the whole garden. It was better to focus on a small area rather than a whole as our garden has defined areas like the back garden side and front so it made it easier.